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Dear Zapoverty Visitor,

They say, "A burden shared is lighter."

In the over 20 years of Several Sources Foundation helping people in need, I have found that a burden shared is a blessing to both the person helping and the person being helped.

I guess that's just one more of God's little miracles and the reason for our website. Now you are being invited into our world of the "Have's helping the Have Not's".

You can be a part of this "partnership." If you or your child needs something, let us know and we'll see what we can do to meet that need. Too, many inner city kids come home to no food or have no school supplies. Children don't want to admit that they need sometihing and they don't want to have to ask their parents who might be struggling and upset.

So we are trying something new. We are hoping that kids (and adults) who really need something will come to our website and let us know what they need. AND kids (and adults) who really have things will donate to them through so we can answer the needs of the kids (and adults) who come to us too.

Sometimes the burdens of the day make us want to just cry and give up all hope. Everyone knows how that feels. We're hoping this website will help to dry the troubled tears of many of God's children in need and their parents and at the very same time form a partnership of caring with other kids and parents who have lots of support to share.

Does that makes sense to you? If it does then please read through our website and join in our "Partners Against Poverty" Program by clicking on one of the buttons above.

God bless you and thank you for caring.

Kathy DiFiore
Founder - Several Sources Foundation

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